California Walnuts

The earliest California walnuts were known as "mission" walnuts, named for the Franciscan Fathers who cultivated them in the late 1700s. By the 1870s, modern walnut production had begun in Southern California near Santa Barbara. Over the next 70 years much of the state's walnut production was moved to the central and northern parts of California.

Today almost all California walnuts come from the Central Valley, the state's primary growing region. The region's mild climate and deep fertile soils provide ideal growing conditions for California walnuts. The California walnut trade continues to be a well established, ordered, and structured business, making the California walnut the highest quality walnut available in the world.
California Walnuts

  • The first English walnuts were probably introduced
    to California by Mission Fathers around 1770
  • Joseph Sexton, an orchardist and nurseryman,
    introduced the first commercial English walnut plantings near Goleta in Santa Barbara County in 1867
  • Nearly 100% of commercial walnut production in the
    United States comes from California.
  • The State of California's mild climate and deep fertile
    soils provide the ideal growing conditions for the
    world's premium walnuts
  • The Central Valley of California is the state's primary
    growing region
  • There are 37 varieties of walnuts grown in California.

Annual California Walnut Production

California Walnut Production

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